Hello and Welcome to BrainySongs


I’m John Brain, the creator of this project, and the writer and performer of the songs. 

After working at Glaxo Chemistry research for a few years, I entered the teaching profession as a Science teacher. For nearly 20 years, I taught in prestigious schools worldwide, such as Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok and the British International School of Istanbul. More recently, I have been doing Science education consultancy for Cambridge International (part of the University of Cambridge).

Music has always held an important place in my life, and, at an early age, I learnt how to play the fiddle, mandolin and guitar. I toured with professional bands in my twenties, and then took a long pause from music as a career (yes, I know …. it’s a really long one!) due to a busy working life.

A few years ago, when my son was about six, we were struggling to find quality educational songs for him to listen to, which had purposeful lyrics and captivating melodies. So, around that time, I contemplated combining my skills to write children’s songs. And thus, BrainySongs was born.

In the recording studio, I decided to use only acoustic instruments, and to create the videos, I chose stunning images of the world around us, rather than using animation which is so prevalent today. 

There are many benefits to learning through song, and, the magic is, learning seems to happen effortlessly. For example, at one point, when I was rehearsing the song ‘’Not a Cloud in Sight’’, our family became inspired to take photos of clouds. We were trying to identify them, and predict the weather associated with these clouds. That’s, good Science, done in an enjoyable way!

I would like to thank my wife and son for their patience, support and encouragement throughout this project so far, and for putting up with listening to BrainySongs a million times each ( … although, it has to be said – they did learn a lot!)

More songs will be added in the coming months, so please do call back, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I really hope you enjoy BrainySongs and find them useful!