Benefits of Learning Through Song

BrainySongs are thoughtfully-crafted educational videos with worksheets and answers. They are a highly effective way to learn Science and English. Children love listening to good music and, as we all know, if they enjoy doing something, they learn much better. There are multiple benefits of learning through song for children of all ages. Here are just a few of them:

Topic learning

By helping children focus on the key words of each topic, their understanding will be greater, and responses to questions, will be more focused and scientific.

  learning is more effective and long-lasting 

  inspires children to find out more about each topic

 causes learners to ask relevant questions

  BrainySongs videos are an enjoyable alternative activity to use in the school classroom or home-schooling group

 • Individuals with specific learning difficulties may learn better through song, for example, dyslexic learners.

Language skills

The pronunciation of the lyrics are especially clear to facilitate language learning for native speakers of English and ESL students alike. Using BrainySongs videos and worksheets together will:

 •  develop listening skills

 •  build vocabulary

 •  improve comprehension  

 •  lead to more confident speaking

 •  improve pronunciation with repeated listening

 •  help with writing skills  

 •  allow children to see the words and grammar constructions they hear

General benefits

• The song videos are highly engaging, which promotes learning

    • learners develop a love for music

• stimulates a desire to learn new concepts

• increases curiosity

• promotes a togetherness and spirit within a group of children

•  aids memorisation

•  Brainy Songs videos are a great way to learn on-the-go (car, plane etc)

• stimulates brain activity, and encourages imagination

• relaxing and fun