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Animal Classification Song (a.k.a. 'B.R.A.M.F.')

 A showcase of the main groups of vertebrate animals (Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Mammals and Fish) set to a fast and very catchy tune.

A variety of common animals are named and their structures are compared and described.

Everyday Materials Song (a.k.a. 'When I Grow Up')

An inspirational song, in which a child imagines how s/he will build a house when they grow up. It focuses on materials and material properties.

The uses of some of the materials is also covered in the video.

Carnivores, Herbivores & Omnivores ('I'm an Omnivore')

This song identifies and names a variety of common animals as carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. The kinds of foods the animals eat is shown.

After a short time, you’ll probably find yourself singing along to the chorus.

Types of Trees Song (a.k.a. 'Deciduous Trees)'

A jazzy/waltz-style song, which focuses on the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees.

 Learners should soon be able to explain why some trees start to lose their leaves in autumn whilst others retain them all year.

This song discusses changes across the four seasons. It also covers some of the main differences in weather seen in each season.

How day length varies is mentioned and even the reason for the seasons is intimated.

Parts of a Plant Song (a.k.a 'My Roots')

This song is written from the perspective of a child who pretends to be a beautiful flowering plant. 

The basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants is shown (roots, stem, leaves and flower).

The role of photosynthesis for a plant forms the chorus part of the song.

Materials and their Properties Song (a.k.a. 'Materials Matter!')

This faster-paced song, concentrates on explaining the differences between objects and everyday materials. Many examples of different materials are discussed including, wood, metal, plastic, wool, ceramic, stone. 

The properties of materials such as hard and soft, smooth and rough, shiny and dull, floating and sinking are covered also.

Finally, without any extra effort, learners will know what the word ‘matter’ means and how to use it in context.

3 Kinds of Clouds Song (a.k.a. 'Not a Cloud in Sight')

A beautiful song which encourages learners to observe and describe the weather associated with the seasons. 

The 3 main types of clouds are cirrus, cumulus and stratus. The different kinds of weather associated with each type of cloud is covered. 

This song fits well into the topic of ‘Seasonal changes’

Parts of the Human body Song (a.k.a. 'Freeze!')

Get up and try this movement-freeze song.

It teaches the names and locations, of no less than 15 different parts of the body: fingers, toes, head, nose, elbows, knees, waist, neck, chin, leg, arms, palms, ears, thighs, heels.

This song is also great for learning action verbs in English for ESL students: wiggle, jiggle, nod, rub, bend, turn around, rotate, raise, open, touch, jump up, flap, tap and straighten. 

What Are The Five Senses? (a.k.a. 'My Senses')

In this song, learners find out about the 5 basic senses of ears/hearing, nose/smelling, skin/touch, tongue/taste and eyes/sight.

Learners learn to identify which part of the body is associated with each sense.

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